With HERZ through the world of plastics

HERZ GmbH, plastics welding and process heat technology, is developer and producer of devices, machines and accessories for the processing and manufacturing of plastics as well as for the process heat technology. For more than 50 years, our more than 50 employees in many countries of Europe are available to you with advise and action.

Our broad assortment stands for hot-air welding machines for overlap welding of different kinds of sheets and membranes on the flat-roof, for truck-covers or advertising, hot-wedge welding machines for welding different plastic sealing sheeting, for example in the field of landfills or the construction of ponds, plastic heating and bending machines, hand-held extrusion welders, butt-welding machines, built-in air-heaters and blowers or ignitors for industry and an enormous selection of accessories as scrapers, nozzles, rollers, etc.

Do you need professional help or consultation on the diverse topics pertaining the world of plastics. Than also here we are your reliable partner.

The HERZ Group - Innovative - practice oriented - service oriented

You find more about us: www.herz-gmbh.com